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This photograph of the colosseum in Rome, Italy was taken using a Canon EOS 60D body and a sigma 10-22mm wide angle lens. It was shot with a focal length of 16mm and a 15sec shutter speed so I was able to get the light trails from the moving vehicles. Due to the long exposure the camera needed to be on a tripod to reduce camera shake. I also used mirror lock up and a remote shutter, both of these tecnique help reduce camera shake. I used an aperture of f6.3 and an ISO100. I then finished the image by editing it in photoshop CS6.

About me



Hi, Thank-you for taking the time to visit my photography website.

I am a professional photographer from the South West of England,

living within a few miles of Exmoor National Park and the coast of the Bristol Channel, gives me plenty of inspiration for both wildlife and landscape photography.

I love nothing more than getting out into my surrounding area looking for that great shot.


I love to travel and have visited some truly amazing places, some of these include, Florida, Yellowstone National Park, California, Las Vegas, Rome and Canada just to name a few. You will find some of the images I have taken from around the world on my travel page.




I am an experienced wedding photographer, You can view some of my wedding photography on my weddings page where you can find more infomation


Having the use of my own photo studio makes it possible for me to shoot portraits, pets and product photography .


I hope you enjoy looking at some of my work and please feel free to follow me on facebook.



My photography gear




I have a wide range of photography equipment that I use on a day to day basis.


My main camera I use is a Canon 7D with a canon 60D as my backup. I have the use of a canon 18-55mm kit lens, a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens, which is a great lens for landscapes and wedding photography. I also use this lens a lot when doing press photography. I also have a sigma 170-500mm which is a telephoto lens great for wildlife and sport photography. On top of this I have a Tamron 75-300mm, this is a great allround lens. I have two camera bags, a lowepro Vertex 100 AW and a Lowepro Vertex 200 AW, both these bags are fantastic and extreamly comfortable to wear, they are fully waterproof and great for keeping all my gear dry when working outside in bad weather.

I also use a large Manfroto tripod, this can be heavy if carrying for any length of time, but with quick release and extendable legs its always worth the struggle. I have a small travel tripod with can be attached to my camera bag when traveling abroad. I use a wide range of lens filters, flashguns, remote shutters for long exposures and edit my work in Photoshop CS6.


My photography studio consists of a five light setup all with stands, three of these are strobes and two are steady daylight lamps. Along with this I use a range of different backdrops and props, aswell as flashguns and coloured gel filters.



How its done

Publications and awards

  • I currently work as a freelance photographer for a local newspaper where my work is published on a weekly basis

  • I have just had my first publication in an international magazine (Windscreen, The magazine of military vehicles, winter 2014)


  • I have won numerous awards on (an online photography sharing site
  • I have a Diploma in Digital Photography